{25 Things About Me}

So, I recently joined Facebook... yes, a lot of new exciting things for me this week!
A few friends send me a message, something about tagging, and asking me to write 25 things about myself and then tag 25 other people to do the same.  Seeing as I don't know what tagging is yet, I figure I'd post the 25 things about me here, and ask that others please do the same!  I'd love to know more about the people who drop by my blog, so comment below or email me, and let me know 25 things about you!

Here I go...

1. I am an Designer in Oakville focusing on Interior Decorating, Design and Architectural Planning... and I work for myself which I love.
2. My favorite time of week is Sunday morning.
3. My favorite smell is freshly washed sheets.
4. I am a big "in the car singer" and I don't care that people see me.
5. If white was a colour it would be my favorite colour.
6. I'm an over achiever, and because of that I got the highest grade point average in my program at school, yay me!
7. I hold my pen funny, so funny in fact that people comment on it.
8. I think streets with no sidewalks are charming.
9. I'm torn between two favorite nail polish colours right now, "Suzi Sells Seashells By The Seashore" and "Grand Canyon Sunset" both are from OPI.
10. I carry, not one, but two measuring tapes in my purse at all times... a small one and a large one.
11. I wear sunscreen on my face everyday, even when it's cloudy.
12. I'm almost half way done listing 25 things about me and I think that listing 25 things is a lot, so if people want to send me 10 things about them I totally understand!
13. My favorite thing to eat right now is a rice cracker with a piece of brie and a dollop of red pepper jelly... Delicious!
14. I cannot get enough of Jodi Picoult books! Jodi, if you are reading this please hurry and write more... I'm going to have read all of your books soon!
15. I am not a runner, but I aspire to be one... I'm slowly getting there.
16. I'm a strategic eater, I plan ahead to make sure I save the best bite for last.
17. Caroline (my boyfriend's daughter) named my SUV "Lucy" and it stuck.
18. My favorite possession is a home made CD of my late grandparents singing and joking together.
19. I never thought I would be a person to drink my yogurt, but I've tried it and I actually like it, so I have a Maximmunite every morning.
20. My favorite ice cream is "Caramel Cone" by Haagen Dazs, and of course I strategically save a piece of caramel as my last bite... Yum.
21. My best friend is my boyfriend Adam.
22. I think we should all get together and create a new word for adults with boyfriends and girlfriends, I find those words sound too "high school" for us non-married adults to use at our ages.  Feel free to post some ideas for the new words!
23. My favorite chair is the "Barcelona" by Mies van der Rohe and one day hope to own a pair... in white of course.
24. My birthday is December 15th, which is far to close to Christmas... I have always wished I had a summer birthday.
25. My dream home is a glass house nestled in the Malibu canyons with a distant ocean view.

Done.  Whew.  I look forward to hearing some things about others, so drop me a line!

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  1. Welcome to the blog world! Thanks for stopping by mine to let me know about yours.

    It's always nice to hear a bit about the blogger. Sometimes you don't even know the blogger's name or where they live which I think helps to build a connection with readers. I wrote about 10 things about me on my 1 year blogging anniversary. Yours were much more interesting!

    We have a lot in common. I love brie (or goat's cheese) and red pepper jelly (in all kinds of yummy flavours); sing in the car all the time; love Jodi Picoult; have a whole foods smoothie every morning (not sure what a Maximmunity is. I always like when unmarried couples call themselves "partners."


Oodles of thanks for the comment!